Alive and kicking

Sometimes I just love Facebook’s “On this day” feature. It reminds you each and everyday that you did something stupid exactly these many years ago. But more importantly, it reminds you of how much you’ve grown.

Guess what today is? My attempted suicide day :). The intended “last post” of that day popped up and I was simply amazed. It has been 3 years already?

So much has happened over the last 3 years. Got a job that I love, fought back BPD/depression little by little and made quite a bit of new friends. Still no girlfriend though. But I’m ALIVE!

Strange though, how I shared the joy of this day with my closest friends and they didn’t seem amused. Especially the one that saved me that day. Oh well, never mind. People often don’t realize how much impact they could have over someone’s life anyway 🙂

By the way to this day I still don’t get why I got 10 likes for that ‘last post’. Just likes, no comment, no message, no nothing. Imagine how that would be in real life: walking by someone’s window, seeing them about to hang themselves and just saying ‘hi’. Bizzare, no?

Lastly, some words for those who are still struggling, including me: don’t quit. I know what it was like hitting rock bottom. I know what it was like to drown. I know what it was like to look for the easy way out. But don’t. Just breath. Stop thinking. Grab someone. The closer the better. Let them know your problems – yes, it’s all real, don’t be afraid to let them know that. Talk it out. You’re alive, just breath.