20 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do By The Time They’re 25

haha, I didn’t even get half of this xD

Thought Catalog

1. Cook a quick crap-I-slept-in-and-can’t-be-late-for-work breakfast, a lazy weekend brunch, dinner when it’s just you, dinner for guests, and a cake from scratch because nobody should suffer store-bought on their birthday.

2. Ask for a raise tactfully, or negotiate a salary at the the onset of a new job. You’re worth what you ask for. Know what you deserve for the work you do.

3. Craft a thank you note, a solid resume, and even an out-of-the-blue email to someone whose career you admire or whose company you’d love to work for because sometimes not having the guts to hit “send” is the only thing keeping you from your dreams.

4. Laundry, up to and including a rough approximation of folding a fitted sheet.

5. Live within a budget — one that includes putting a little away every month in a savings account.

6. Exert control over your patience and temper…

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