If my heart had wings

A pretty lighthearted visual novel. I learned about it while searching for VN to read on iPad. Even though my iPad did not run it quite well (it is a dated iPad 2) and the lack of voice acting discouraged me from looking further into it, the name stuck.

And thank goodness it did, when I was looking for VN to read on PC. I was like “oh, so it has a PC version too?” and immediately downloaded it, along with the “restoration patch”. Turned out the official English version (the iOS version I downloaded) had horrible translation and excessive censoring, and a patch was needed to correct that.


The graphics is absolutely stunning, with everything in 720p. The background is very detailed and presents a very wide view of the scenery. Sadly I have yet to find a way to extract the images, so it will be hard to describe how breathtaking they are. One minus though, is the use of occasional 3D graphic, which stood out disappointingly beside the incredibly gorgeous 2D scenes.

Coming from G-Senjou no Maou, which has relatively fewer characters and generic voices for almost everyone that is not the main cast, IMH is quite an eye-opening blast for me. The number of ‘heroines’ is just one more than G-Senjou, but the number of supporting characters with their own voices is close to a dozen. Their facial expressions are nicely done, and I think Ageha has the most of them all. Well, IMH was released in 2012, and G in 2008, so differences are expected. But still, you can really tell that IMH was very well-done for a visual novel.


The story is essentially about “reaching the sky” – both literally and metaphorically. Our MC, Aoi Minase has just returned to his hometown to enroll in the local Keifuu Academy. There he is reunited with his childhood friends and meet with new ones, including an airhead genius who is “so smart that sometimes she forgets to eat”. The genius, Amane Mochizuki, has been dreaming of building a glider that can reach the “Morning Glory” – a rare cloud formation that happens only once every few decades. She even intentionally repeated a few years at school just to finish it in her own Soaring Club, determined to fulfill the wish of her close friend Itsuka – who was implied to die in an accident – of flying through the “passage of clouds”, the Morning Glory. Moved by her passion and by their own curiosity of flying in a glider, Aoi and friends decided to help Amane.

The tone of the VN is very light, mostly about the Aoi’s school life, club activities and romantic progress with his chosen heroine. It is quite short too, with just about 30 hours of reading (and I listened to most of the voice acts). Nevertheless, the story is simply amazing, with some very heartwarming moment (SPOILER: a love confession in the middle of the sky!!!!). Coupled with the stunning graphic, IMH is definitely a visual novel that is worth checking out.



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