Sexless Friend


A short series, just 14 chapters long. It tells the story of Suou Tsukasa – a freshman at college, nicknamed “Prince” due to his popularity with girls. At first, it seems like he enjoyed their company and not at all bothered but in fact, he hates straightforward and aggressive girls. The only one he likes is one of his classmates: Kizaki Megumu, a rather shy girl. Their homeroom professor, Dr. Hime is a very young teacher, whose childish looks and personality led her to be considered like a senpai rather than a teacher to her students. After a night out with the class, a drunken Hime is carried home by Tsukasa and there he learned the secret of his sensei’s love life. Basically he is scared of girls and she is scared of guys. So they decided to become “sexless friend” in order for them to overcome their fear and in Tsukasa’s case, to get him to get together with Kizaki.

The series followed the two through the event in their “relationship”. Most of them are quite hilarious and enjoyable to watch – with silly harem-like accidents and misty-eyed moments. The main guy is not quite an idiot like usual. He knows who he is in love with, and that’s Kizaki. He knows his relationship with Hime is not quite like friends, but he doesn’t want it to advance further either, at least at first. In fact, even at the end, when Hime confessed her feelings to him, he still choose Kizaki over her.

And that’s why I hate the ending. Seriously, why choose Kizaki over Hime? He spent 14 chapters building up the relationship with Hime, just for him to say “thank you” to her at the end. Bullshit. Come on. Kizaki doesn’t develop any feelings for him at the begining, and I believe she doesnt until the very moment Suou confessed to her. It’s not like I’m pitying Hime and think that she should get something because she tried, but because Kizaki does not deserve it. She get Tsukasa because Hime gave up on him, not because she is worth it. Seriously, what kind of fucked up ending is this? We have at least 12 chapters out of 14 all about Hime and Suou, and we all fully expected him to realise the true love he has beside him all along, and finally was given this crap? I demand an alternate ending!!


In any case, a very good read, even when it gets me so furious over the ending. There are plenty of boobs shown, so it’s classified as a ecchi seinen manga. Fun fact: Hime means princess in Japanese, so again, it would just be so natural for her to get together with the “prince”, right?


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