G-senjou no Maou (cont) (spoilers)


Finally finished Tsubaki’s route today – and with it, the game. Totally took me by surprise.

I expected this to be just another fanservice route, much like Kanon’s. However it turned out to be quite serious – not as much as Haru’s, obviously – but still a good read.

The route explored on what would happen if Kyousuke picked Tsubaki to be his love interest. It posed a very nice conflict between his dark side and Tsubaki’s pure heart. He has to decide whether to continue being Gonzou’s livestock or to realise his love for Tsubaki.

Unlike in the true route, this time the relocation of the Miwa residence was handled by Kyousuke alone (Maou simply disappeared in this chapter). He had to deal with pressure from Gonzou – who even threatened to kill him should he fail – as well as the urge to protect the happiness newly founded beside Tsubaki. It’s an expansion of what we have seen up to that point between K and Tsubaki. Her innocence annoyed him, but he couldn’t help but be drawn to it naturally. And the more he was drawn to it, the more pains he felt.

Much like Mizuha’s route, there’s a point where you decide whether to succumb to K’s dark side and corrupt Tsubaki, or to take a genuine interest in being with her. The bad ending resulted in her being corrupted by greed, became a drug addict and served as nothing but a slave to K. On the other hand, the good ending is pretty beautiful, as it witnessed the change inside K’s heart, in which he realised the happiness that he has been yearning for all these years was here, in front of him, the simple happiness that is Tsubaki and her family. He stood up to Gonzou, bared his fangs against him, even using leverage to ensure that Tsubaki is safe and happy. He bet his life for hers, and in the end, he won.

The route ended with them living happily together 4 years later, talking about their friends and their lives. K left his expansive apartment for a smaller one, and abandoned his luxurious lifestyle in order to save up for their wedding in the near future. And the most beautiful moment of it all was the revelation that K’s mother was reunited with her son and his fiancee. The three of them shared a seemingly common family meal, but one that was unthinkable of in the past.

Tsubaki’s route is a real gem. It couldn’t trump over Haru’s in term of story but nevertheless, it’s an ending that make us feel so warm inside. In that regard, I rank it 2nd place, after Haru’s and over Mizuha’s. It’s not that Mizuha’s route is not as good – it has potential. But the character got introduced too late and with too little development that we feel less inclined to explore her.

All in all, I completed G-senjou no Maou. And it was a real blast to read.


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