G-Senjou no Maou

Just finished this awesome visual novel – which was also my first attempt at one. It is ranked 2nd on vndb.com, even when it was released quite a while ago. Now I know the reason.



It’s hard to take something with anime-style visuals serious. But I got caught complete off-guard with G-Senjou as the story was very well-written with in-depth character development and enough twists-and-turns to last you till the very end. The music collection is quite nice as well, with many of them adaptations of famous classical pieces, and they fit in with the situations quite well.

There are in total 4 heroines for you to choose, with their respective plots and endings. My favorite is no doubt Usami Haru, whose ending is also the “true” one, with the most thrills and development out of all 4. Also the epilogue – which is only available in her route – is one hell of a tearjerker. ||SPOILERS ALERT|| I was heartbroken when Kyousuke started to deny Haru’s feelings for her own sake, and completely lost it when reading his letter to Yuuya entrusting Haru in his care. Letting go of the one you love to be happy with someone else has to be the most painful of all things. I continued to cry when all his friends visiting him in prison and saying their goodbyes. And didn’t stop near the end when Haru met Kyousuke 8 years later after his sentence, with her daughter. It pained me seeing how Kyousuke has to sacrifice so much for his true love. Thankfully, all the tension built up until that point was resolved beautifully with the revelation that it was HIS daughter. Haru had been waiting for him, all those time, taking care of their daughter. And even though he was reluctant at first, Kyousuke finally decided to let the past be the past, and let happiness guide his way along with his family. You could never ask for a better ending to such a mind-blowing novel. ||SPOILERS END||

The other routes are worth trying out as well, especially Mizuha Shiratori’s ( I just love her voice so much). My least favorite has to be Kanon’s – her problem pales in comparison with the rest.

The thing I dislike the most about G-Senjou has to be the sex scenes. They are more gross rather than erotic. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t read that many VN – apparently sex is a must in a VN. But seriously, there’s nothing sexy about a whimpering nympho who for some reasons has to narrate everything that is happening. Fortunately, there aren’t many of them, and you can skip as fast as you want in here.

Overall, a definite must-read for anyone interested in picking up a visual novel. Btw, this is the ending song, which is a fine example of how great the music is.


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