Sora no Otoshimono


Just finished reading SnO today. That was one hell of a read, so I thought I should write something about it.


“Tomoki Sakurai is a perverted teenage boy whose motto is “Peace and quiet are the best,” and often has dreams of meeting an angel. He finds it difficult to live in comfort when he has to put up with Sohara Mitsuki, his next-door neighbor with a killer karate chop; Eishiro Sugata, an eccentric pseudo-scientist bent on discovering the “New World”; and Mikako Satsukitane, a sadistic Student Council President. One night, while he was witnessing a strange anomaly in the sky, an UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) crash-lands nearby. Tomoki discovers what fell from the sky is a winged female humanoid named Ikaros from an unknown world of Synapse, who soon declares herself to be Tomoki’s servant. From then on, more creatures known as “Angeloids” arrive; with this, he loses his peace and quiet, but at the same time finds pleasant things the Angeloids bring him, and fight the forces that fall upon Earth.” ( From Wikipedia)

First off, it’s pretty refreshing to see the protagonist of a harem to be an actual pervert, rather than the usual pure-but-accident-prone ones. Most of the manga revolves around Tomoki and his pervert acts: skirt-lifting, panties-stealing, bathroom-peeping etc. There’s none of those stupid accidents that usually haunt other ecchi harems, as Tomoki do it on purpose most of the time. While the majority of them are very funny to read, it does get repetitive in the long run and always follow along the same line.

Story-wise, I would love to see more depth to the manga than just the endless amount of ecchi as it is. Even though it’s a harem, we rarely get to see much development to the relationship between Tomoki and Sohara, as well as with the 3 angeloids. It’s like they’re just…there. A big loss in my opinion. If this series can be developed similar to Negima or Love Hina, I believe it will be one of the biggest hit out there. It feels like somehow the mangaka just want to cram as much perv scenarios into the manga as possible, with little regard to everything else. However, when it comes to the “real” plot, I would have to say it was done quite well. And frankly, the event before the ending made me cry a little.

Finally. Good for you Ikaros :)

As for characters, Ikaros is my favorite. She gets a lot of development. It’s nice to see someone with that blank look can be so sweet inside. By the way, her drawing in the first chapters were quite horrible, as I was put off by the soulless eyes she had, but over time, it gets better. I also like the chibi version of the angeloids, they looks really cute that way.

I heard that the anime is just meh, not as good as the manga was. Don’t know if I’m gonna watch it in the future. Right now I’m just crazy about Gokukoku no Brynhildr to think of anything else 🙂





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